Quotation / Price indication request:

You can request a quotation or price indication for a dormer window using the request form below. The more information you provide to us, the easier and faster we can submit a suitable provisional quote / price indication. For example, think of:

  • Whether the dormer window occupies one or more rooms (partition).
  • Additional installation of shutters or the possibility thereof.
  • The roof of the dormer needs extra reinforcement due to placement of the air conditioning unit or something similar.
  • The placement of the dormer is hampered by poor accessibility (deep garden, narrow access road, small bridge and the like).

In the "comments" box you can add this additional information simply and in your own words.

You can also attach a photo or drawing.

Contact us with any questions or if you want more information.

wbb-dakkapellen - Quotation request or price indication

    Request form price indication for delivery of a dormer window or roof top windows, version 4
    Requesting a price indication for the delivery of a dormer window at WBB Dakkapellen is entirely free of obligation and free of charge.
    You will receive a customized price indication based on the information you entered here below. However, it remains an indication. There are many other factors that can still influence the price. Only after a site visit with measurements we can prepare a detailed and sharper quote for you.

    Your data:
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    Your house:

    NB: With wavy roof tiles, an additional strip of lead (replacement) is necessary to prevent rainwater from entering.

    Your desired dormer window or roof top window:

    NB: Outer size = inner size + 22 cm. If you want a dormer window with a width of 350 cm on the inside of the house, specify an outside dimension of 372 cm here above.

    Desired window layout:

    NB: A turn/tilt window has a width of minimum 70 cm and a maximum of 100 cm. Recommended width of 90 cm.

    NB: Fixed windows can be supplied in almost any size. However, a minimum width of 35 cm is recommended.

    NB: 150 cm or 175 cm high do not require a permit. A permit is required for dormer windows higher than 175 cm.

    NB: For an top roof window or dormer windows on both front- and rear of the house, please state "Front and rear". If there is another location, please indicate this in the comments field below.

    NB: Within the Netherlands, an insulation value (Rc) of 6.0 is mandatory! A lower insulation value may be applied to some older homes."


    NB: Mosquito nets per turn/tilt window; ventilation grilles per fixed window; Roller shutters and sun screens over entire width of dormer or parts thereof.
    The above options are supplied at additional cost and are listed separately in the quote.

    AVG/GDPR: By using this form you agree to the storage and processing of your data by this website.